In this episode of SaaS Boss I interview The SaaS CFO Ben Murray about Coronavirus and how it will affect your SaaS.

Ben Murray is known as the SaaS CFO and he helps software companies achieve financial improvement and transparency by partnering with stakeholders to link operations and finance.

Things we discussed:

Our take on Coronavirus and current economy situation

How Coronavirus and volatility affect your financial strategy

Why you should take it seriously

How to up your accounting game and why consider tightening your budget

Look at your major expenses, consider switching annual renewals you have to monthly to have…

In this episode Natalie shares her Supercharged Month technique that will help increase our productivity. It’s something that Greg McKeown mentions in his book Essentialism, and there’s another book The 12 Week Year that you can also find useful for this topic.

So, the exact steps that I recommend you to have your supercharged and highly productive 4 weeks:

1. Set your goals for the next 4 weeks

2. Dump all tactics and tasks that are sitting in your head and prioritize those tactics for every day of the week

3. Execution. Setup 5 minutes at the beginning of each day to review yesterday’s progress and plan that…

On this episode of the podcast I interview Shawn Flynn about SaaS funding. Shawn regularly works with incubators, accelerators, angel groups, VC, local governments, and institutions to promote economic growth. He has helped several companies land and set-up operations in Silicon Valley as well as Silicon Valley companies set up offices, partnerships, and funding relationships overseas.

He is also the founder of Silicon Valley Successes a television show that features entrepreneurs and people that work with them and is the host of The Silicon Valley Podcast where he has interviewed some of the biggest names in tech industry.

Show Notes

How Shawn Started working with founders

He lived in China for five years and he had three companies; two of them failed while one succeeded, but the one that did okay his partner bought me out. In beginning of 2013, I came back to the US and found out he wasn’t employable.


On this episode of the podcast I interview Geoff Atkinson about SEO basics and actionable tips. Geoff was previously the former VP of marketing and analytics at Overstock where he developed expertise in SEO.
He is presently the founder and CEO of Huckabuy a software company that offers technical solutions for SEO

How did you start working in the industry?

He started working on SEO in the email marketing team at overstock in 2006–2007. They grew it from 0–300 million and he learned a lot along the way about what it takes to get that kind of growth. He has been in the SEO space for about 13–14 years.

Can you tell us about Huckabee?


Natalie Luneva

Growth and team performance coach to SaaS founders. Speaker. Podcast host.

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